NCI Offers Logic Analyzers That Outperform the Most Advanced Oscilloscopes

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When it comes to testing and debugging standard electronic devices, most people rely on a quality oscilloscope. While oscilloscopes do an adequate job, NCI Logic Analyzers offers a product that can capture a broader sampling range and analyze the data down to the smallest detail. They offer the GoLogicXL, which gathers a bigger frame of bus activity, drawn from a depth of one billion samples.
The GoLogicXL can be set to capture sampling rates in the 4 GHz range, which will allow you to gather more details from the data. Changing the setting to a 1 GHz sample rate will let you capture fast data bursts across seconds or longer periods. The sampling can be gathered over a period of minutes or hours. For better accuracy, synchronize the GoLogicXL State with either single-data-rate 300 MHz SDR clocks or double-date-rate 250 MHz DDR clocks (500 MHz effective).
The GoLogicXL logic analyzer beats out standard oscilloscopes in another way. The trigger on the GoLogicXL is more sophisticated than those found on oscilloscopes which are typically restricted to edge, pulse-width, or voltage detection. On the GoLogicXL, however, the trigger is capable of much more complex readings. It outperforms the triggers found on other brands of logic analyzers, as well as those found on oscilloscopes. The 16 value detectors and 16 edge detectors scan all 72 channels, maximizing the range of the GoLogicXL. Additionally, 8 range detectors can scan the first 36 channels.
In addition to offering a quality product complimented by state-of-the-art logic analyzer software, NCI backs all purchases with a 30 day money-back guarantee. As long as the equipment is returned in good condition with the original packaging and sales receipts, NCI will accept a return for a full refund. That dedication to customer satisfaction extends to customers who are happy with the product by providing a 2-year warranty. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase and covers defects caused during the manufacturing of the product.
If you’re ready to experience a real difference in logic analyzers, give NCI a call or visit their website. The pride they take in their workmanship and the care they exhibit towards their customers makes NCI the preferred choice.

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