Why is Indian Rummy a Favourite among Card Players?

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India is a hub of card players. This nation thoroughly enjoys cards games and plays many different card games during free time and family gatherings. When you speak of card games in India, rummy surely tops the list of favourite card games. There are many different reasons why the game has gained such a lot of fan following.

  1. Known by Most Card Players

Since the game rules are so easy to learn and grasp, most people know this game or some variation of the same. The most common variations of the game are 10 card rummy, 13 card rummy game, and 21 card rummy. Apart from these, pool rummy, deals rummy and gin rummy are also played in different parts of India. Even people who do not know the game at all find it easy to learn about melds, sets, sequences, jokers and open cards. This is why most people know or learn the game easily.

  1. Flexible in Number of Players

Most of the free card games that are commonly played are very strict about the number of players participating on the board. It is usually restricted to four players or six players for a round of the game. This means that if the assembled group has odd number of players, it is difficult to accommodate them for the session. However,

The game is flexible and allows you to adjust 2-6 players on a table. The only change would be the number of decks used for the rummy cards session based on the variation of the game. This makes it an ideal choice for all social occasions and thus a common favourite among Indians who enjoy all sorts of gatherings.

  1. Teaches You to Organise

All players are different and their expectations from a certain game are also quite different. Some players just expect entertainment by playing cards and rummy. However, some assume that a game is a complete waste unless it teaches you some skills. For such players, rummy offers a lot. It teaches people organising skills.

A player cannot be successful unless he knows the art of organising pretty well. This is because arranging the cards in sequences and melds requires you to organise the cards in your hand. The game also teaches some basic intuitive skills. One can download rummy app for android and practice the game to achieve perfection.

An expert card player gets an idea whether he will lose or there are chances of real cash rummy winning. This is what helps him decide whether to pass a game or to play it. A good gamer may also acquire certain observing skills through this game. He may observe the cards disposed by the opponent and this will help him decide what cards the opponent may needs.

  1. Many Interesting Variations

This is one game that has a lot many variations in India. Players of Indian rummy enjoy playing short rounds or long sessions based on the environment. The deals rummy decides the winner after a certain number of deals that will be decided in the beginning of the game. The different variations to suit the settings offers greater flexibility to players.

Since most people today do not get ample time to play the game offline, you can opt for rummy game free download and then enjoy this game on the go if you have a good internet connection.

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