How to Setup Game Sharing on Xbox One Updated Guide

Xbox One has this great feature that allows you to share digital versions of your games with another Xbox One’s in your household. The purpose of this is that if you have more than one Game share Xbox One in your house, and you are buying your games digitally, you do not have to purchase multiple copies of the games for use on each of the two Xbox One consoles. These consoles can share the digital games as long as they are setup to do so… but it only works across two Xbox One’s at a time.

The first time you sign in on an Xbox One and save your password, that console becomes your home Xbox. The My home Xbox setting allows you to do the following:

  • Share games and downloadable content purchased from Microsoft Store with anyone else who signs in on your console. You can even share games downloaded as part of a subscription.
  • Share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with anyone else who signs in on your console.

You can also play downloaded games while traveling, or, in the event of a network or service outage, on your home Xbox. You’ll need to ensure that your console is set as your home Xbox before you go offline.


How to Setup Xbox One Game Sharing

  1. Find a friend that loves to buy his/her video games digitally. This only works for digitally purchased games so games you have on disc will not be downloadable by the other Xbox.
  2. Find a friend that you trust with your passwords, or that you can meet in-person to sign-in on their Xbox One. In order to setup gamesharing, your Gamertag must be setup on both Xbox One’s (and subsequently, your friends Gamertag has to be setup on both as well), so I wouldn’t just try to game share with a stranger on the internet, as you have to give this person your password in order to set this up.
  3. ADD NEW account to your Xbox One and sign-in with your friend’s Gamertag and password.
  4. Make sure you are SIGNED-IN as your friend.
  5. Go to SETTINGS > MY XBOX > MY HOME XBOX and select “Make this my Home Xbox”. This will set your friend’s Gamertag/Xbox as your “Home Xbox”, thus giving you access to all of his digital game purchases.
  6. Have your friend repeat steps 3 – 5 on their Xbox One using your Gamertag and password.
  7. Once you’ve set the “Home Xbox” on an individual console, you can log out of your friends Gamertag (or have your friend log out of yours), and you can log back into your own.
  8. All of your available games (both you and your friend’s) will then appear in the “READY TO INSTALL”section of the “MY GAMES & APPS” screen.
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