Best game for 2018 – Jump Down

Endless numbers of apps are coming with online jumping games and they are turning out to be frustrated due to its complexity. Jump down is one of the best games over Mario. It is filled with excitement and fun. You will have a thrilling and adventurous experience. Unlike other games Jump Down is rather different as it checks your skill. Your reflexes will be tested which can be improved over the time. Let’s go through the user’s review about this game.

Top rated game of 2018

Jump down

It is one of the best free to play game available on Google play store. The Android phone needs just 52 MB of space on mobile to install. In this game, you have to guide the character to escape endless obstacles. It has been developed by a Brazilian company. The company has optimized the features very well for mobile versions. The developer has been true to its pc version and adjusted screen size and resolutions just like the mobile phones.

How to crack the game

The character will jump and try to reach the next stage by finishing the last stage in the given time. Your score will be higher with increasing number of stages. The game can get over with any wrong step. Your goal in the game is to make the character reach the final destination. You need to help the character to cross never-ending levels without falling.

The graphics quality of the game has been improved in its latest version. The graphics effects used in the game look so real that it distinguishes it from other games. You can customize the game graphics as per your choice.

The character used in the game hops automatically so you need to use only 2 keys up and down of the phone to control the jump and directions. You can tilt your phone to change the direction of the character. There are so many platforms that each step is taken very carefully. For the next jump,, you can’t miss the right platform. As you continue with the game levels, the new challenges and game elements are introduced. The platforms aren’t safe and are in moving positions with fewer jumping options. The level gets tougher with each stage.

With each level, you will come across the black holes, springs, trampolines and jetpacks etc. Some challenges are helpful as they come along with some rewards which will improve your score.

The games have in build feature of leader board which helps in storing and comparing the scores. You can see other player names with the highest score and you can try to beat their score.

Should I buy this game?

You can get this game free of cost from play store for any android phone. You can check out the trailer video of the game. Until and unless you try the game you can’t feel the craziness behind the game. After winning a few levels you will become addicted to see more levels. The game is so tempting that you will be amazed at its different level of difficulties. Every stage has different challenges. In recent months this game has become the most played game on Android phones.

Advantages of playing this game over others

  • No violence, fight, attack or any other negative activity is shown in this game.
  • You can share your score through the game center social network to reflect it on your social media page.
  • The game is very easy to play. You will not face any problem in controlling and using the gaming features.
  • This game can be purchased at free of cost. Users also get the choice for customizing the gaming features.
  • In its latest version, the new adventurous theme has been designed. So that you don’t get bored while playing the game. Each level has a different theme and challenges.
  • Each level of the game is amazing with the different difficulty level. The users are tempted to play more with the daily rewarding schemes.
  • The graphics and sound seem very interesting. The extra effect is shown while jumping the platforms which attract the user.
  • It is such a fun game that after a little level, you will become addicted. It will give you immense pleasure and mental peace.
  • The 5-star rating is given by users to this game.


The only thing you will not like about this game is its simplicity. As all you have to do is jumping throughout the game. However, the simplicity of the game is the most appealing part as it is convincing lots of people to play this game. It has been used by people of diverse age group; hence it becomes the top-rated game of 2018. If you ever get bored, now you know which game is more interesting. Click here for free download.



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