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Types of Irrigation Sprinkler System

If you have a garden in your backyard, one of the first things to consider is which sprinkler system to install, so that your garden can flourish and thrive. When choosing an irrigation system, it is wiser to get a sprinkler that sprays water closer to the ground – this is preferable over a system that sprays a fine mist, because a lot of water can get lost through evaporation. Having a good system in place means that you won’t over-water your plants and you’ll be able to conserve water and monitor how much water you use for your plants – allowing you to plan a budget, and save money.

There are multiple types of sprinkler systems that are available on the market – for both industrial and residential purposes. Industrial sprinkler systems follow a fixed system, and are controlled with electronic technology, and tend to have a wider area of coverage. These sprinkler systems can be used if you have a large garden, and these systems are used in public spaces, like parks and public gardens.
Residential sprinkler systems, on the other hand, are directly connected to the home’s plumbing system, and have a smaller area of coverage; thus, these are cheaper than having an industrial sprinkler system.

One common type of residential system is the soaker hose. Most gardens have soaker hoses, which have water along the entire length of the hose – this kind of system is useful if you have dense plants.
Another system is known as the drip system. Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to water your garden, especially if you have clay soil. Drip devices apply water slowly, allowing the soil to absorb the water – thereby saving water by avoiding evaporation or runoff.
Another system is the traditional automatic spray system, which is a pop-up spray head that can spray water in a full circle. This may not be as efficient as drip systems because they put water on the ground faster than the soil can absorb the water, and this can generate runoff.
The rotor system can be more efficient than the spray system. Rotor systems apply water at a slower rate, allowing the soil to fully absorb the water. You will be able to adjust the rotor system to the area you wish to water, and can set a timer as well, so that you can control how much water your garden will receive.

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