Things You Should Know About Casement Window

A casement window is one which is attached to its frame by either one or two hinges. It lies on opposite sides of the frame and is typically made up of leaded glass. Such windows usually open inwards. Apart from this, they are covered by a functional window shutter. Moving on, awning windows are defined as the ones which open at the top of the frame. In the same way, windows which are opened from the bottom are termed as hoppers.

Casement windows used to be a common sight in most households before the emergence of the sash windows. There you have those glazing compounds and bevelled putty sealing the glass in rabbet frames. The windows are sealed or locked with the help of a cam handle, level or crank. The crank, which works as the lock too, is located at the bottom of the pane. If not, it can be easily found in the middle of the pane.

Casement windows have been there even prior to World War II. Since then, we have come a long way but it seems that people are so habituated in having them around that they have been showing a thorough disregard for all new home improvements whatsoever. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for people to complain about their upkeep. So the question remains, why are casement windows still a popular choice? One of the many reasons is that casement windows can be easily cleaned. In recent times, people are in the habit of accessing the glass from the outside. And it is because of this that the windows can be tidied really easily. This window can be a real pain if one overlooks lubricating the hinges. Similarly, a whole lot of other problems will crop up if some debris of glass or wood gets trapped in the casement windows lever.

When it comes to American architecture, casement windows are indeed extremely classy. Another perk includes the fact that this window allows more of natural light into a particular home, thus making it all the more energy efficient. You do not need to keep those lights on during the day anymore! Since the windows are elegant, they will inevitably beautify your home. Last but not the least, it would be a pleasure for you to watch the garden outside from inside your house.

On the other hand, casement windows fail miserably in protecting against weather stripping. Under such circumstances, your home becomes vulnerable to draft. Dual panes will work just right for you if you are looking for regulating the temperature inside the house. When deciding which window to go for, I would advise you not to be too frugal and get any low-priced window from the market. Get a window that will save your hard earned money over the years. Nowadays, beauty and practicality and great savings work hand in hand. Therefore consider your budget, energy needs and design of the home before choosing a window.

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