The Process of Aluminium Windows Installation

There are a number of things which are important in the process of installing Aluminium Windows. For the starters, screws should be of stainless steel and the radius should be more than 10 mm. You must make sure that the frame sections shouldn’t be less than 38 mm in depth in a normal scenario. The stainless steel 4-bar hinges should have a width of at least 2.5 mm on each link bar. The thickness of aluminium sections should be more than 2 mm. Another factor is to ensure that the window members have proper size and strength. The standard width of the open-able windows is normally around 700mm. This is because it will despise the sash from having disproportionate wind force or wryness of hinges.

Prior to installation:

It is advisable to apply bituminous paint or sealant to the holes of the hinges and window frames prior to the process of installation of stainless steel screws or rivet. This is basically done to avoid corrosion.


Window frames should be properly fixed in the opening place of the window. Stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel should be used while adopting fixing lugs.

For Waterproofing:

Waterproofing grouting (as per need) should be available in a good quantity so as to apply between the window frame and opening with an over coating of waterproofing material throughout the frame.

Fixation of the Components:

While setting up the fixing components such as screws and rivets, relevant steps to stay away from corrosion must be implemented to dodge direct contact between the two different materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Addition of Sealant and Gasket:

Sealing of joints in window frames and sections should be carefully done with a relevant sealant. A prolonged gasket of suitable materials must be properly applied along the whole perimeter between the window frame and open-able sash.


Post installation, it is a must to apply the paint or sealant to the heads of the screws or rivets to further promote or advance resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, it is extremely important to clean the heavy soil or cementations on the external finishes of the building or the windows after completing the installation of the windows or after finishing the complete restoration. So, the acidic acid might be used but these chemicals have a tendency to corrode away and could easily harm the aluminium windows, rivets and screws. This is when they are not cleaned regularly.

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