An Overview of Types of Wood Used in Timber Frame Windows

There are multiple ways to be able to make your home more energy-efficient; by making sure that your home is a closed, controlled space. One way in which you can make sure that air doesn’t escape the home is by insulating your loft. Another way is to get sturdy window frames to ensure that air doesn’t escape from the home, so it becomes easier to maintain a constant temperature within the house. Because of the large variety of species available, there are multiple kinds of wood that can be used to make window frames. Wood is preferred as a substance to use because wood is naturally insulating, and can be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Oak is one of the preferred forms of wood to use because of its strength, durability, and beautiful appearance. American white oak can be a good choice for windows, but English oak is considered to be the better option. However, oak does tend to be an expensive option. Idigbo is a hardwood sourced from West Africa, and is commonly used as an inexpensive, alternative option to oak.
Accoya timber is another preferred choice of timber because it is sustainably sourced and is naturally renewable, and is fully reusable and recyclable, making it the preferred choice for most because it is highly environmentally friendly. Accoya wood is easy to supply because it is produced from species like Radiata Pine, which have the characteristic of growing quickly, thus allowing for large supplies of Accoya wood to be produced.
Mahogany is another popular choice for timber windows and doors. This form of wood is sourced from the tropics, and the best quality of mahogany comes from Brazil, because of its uniform colour and its tight grain. Merati mahogany is sourced from Malaysia and is not as expensive as mahogany from Brazil, but is still used in timber windows and doors.
Teak is another option and is highly desirable, because it is durable and weatherproof in nature. Because of the high percentage of natural oils present in the wood, teak has multiple qualities, resulting in teak becoming extremely durable in nature. Because of these highly desirable qualities, teak is often used as a fitting in ships. Apart from these qualities, teak has a distinctive scent, and is very heavy.
Another preferred option is maple – a type of wood that is sourced from Canada, and is also highly durable, because of its hard nature and tis close grain. Maple is preferred because it is resistant to warping, and because of its beautiful natural colour.

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