Phentermine- a legally approved weight loss drug

There are many people around the globe who are suffering with obesity or are overweight. Being obese or over-weight is not a disease but ac obese body is a home to numerous diseases and long time illness. At times it also becomes difficult for an overweight person to perform his or her daily routine work, like climbing up the stairs, bending down to pick up something, and even a small walk can cause in heavy breathing.

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However this does not mean the excessive weight cannot be shredded and one can’t attain a ripped body.

With a proper, nutritious and healthy diet along with an effective and regular exercise regime; weight loss is not an unattainable dream. One has to be consistent at all times in all the above mentioned points to have a physique of your dream. However, in spite of doing all these diligently, weight loss becomes difficult or in some cases, a person is overly obese and can’t perform well on all these above mentioned points. In such cases doctors can prescribe few drugs to lose weight.

Weight loss Drug:

There is a wide range of weight loss drugs flooded in the market these days. But one has to choose very carefully as not all would work effectively or may have negative side-effects, and some can be addictive too. One has to be extremely cautious while choosing a weight loss drug, one such drug, which is safe and legal, is “Phentermine”, or is commonly called as “Phen”.

Phentermine- a legal drug: Know it better

Phen is not only legally approved but is also a preferred option when it comes to weight loss or for curing obesity as per the Center for Weight Management, California. Though legal sources of Phen is prescribed by the medical practitioners’ foe the weight loss program but at the end of the day it is a drug. Btu the good news is, as per the Drug Enforcement Agency – DEA, also considers it. As per them this is a Schedule – IV drug. Agency classifies various kinds of drugs into various categories, depending on its physical, emotional, psychological effect and most importantly degree of addictiveness. In that, Schedule IV means, it may have some level of addictiveness but not as high as other illegal drugs.

Phen is not available over the counter, without any prescription. It has to be properly prescribed by a doctor in order to be bought. But this has given birth to many duplicate version of weight loss drugs, which can be easily bought over the counter. One has to pay special attention when buying such drugs, as these may have very negative side-effects or may not give the desired results. Be extra cautious when checking the ingredients of such alternates and do a thorough research before taking any weight loss drug. It is always suggested that you consider meeting with your medical practitioner before you jump into any conclusion, as there might always be a possibility to lose weight in the traditional way.

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