How to use a blackhead extractor in ears

Using blackhead extractor tools for ear blackheads is one of the simplest and fastest means of removing them. In this procedure, you will need an appropriate extractor tool, a facial cleanser, hand gloves, benzoyl peroxide and some cotton balls and warm water.

  • If you are the one to do the extraction then wash your face using warm water or use a facial cleanser.
  • Use a sterile solution to clean the tool that you are going to use it could be an extractor tool such as the ones shown below.
  • Locate the blackheads and begin by gently pressing on sides or round one after another.
  • Continue to press until the spot clears. As you do it avoid applying too much pressure to avoid pain and damage to skin.
  • After you have extracted always apply benzoyl peroxide. This ensures that the pore shrinks in order to minimize chances of the blackhead forming again.
  • Repeat the procedure once or twice few days after.
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