Five Reasons to Seek a Mold Inspection

Fungus and mold play important roles in the environment and in nature, by helping break down organic matter and helping with the process of decomposition. However, mold within the home becomes a concern because of the toxins that it releases into the air, making it a serious health issue. Therefore, when moving into a home – or when selling a property – it is important to make sure you get the property fully checked by a mold inspector, a professional who will be able to identify the various kinds of mold and whether they are harmful to human health or not.

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One of the main reasons to seek a mold inspection is if you have had a water problem in the near past, like flooding or leaking pipes. This is because mold and fungi tend to grow in places where there is a higher content of moisture, and require water in the atmosphere to survive. Some signs of moisture problems include water stains on the walls and ceilings of your house, which can indicate that there is mold behind that material. Another sign is if your walls are warped or bowed, or if the surface feels damp to the touch.
Another indicator of mold can be a certain smell in the air. If you have mold growing in the home, even if you are unable to see it, you will smell a distinct odor of mold, and should get this inspected before the mold spreads within your home.
Another sign is actually seeing small growths of mold within your home, which can quickly spread through your house, making it difficult to safely live in. Mold can appear in a variety of colors, including white and thread-like, or a cluster of small black spots, or even in shades of orange, pink, or purple.
One reason mold can be growing in your home is if there is a lot of condensation or moisture within your home – condensation will occur on glass windows or metal pipes, and rusting pipes can be an indication of condensation within the home. This can help feed mold, and thus must be taken care of as soon as possible.
One sign of mold growth is if people begin to suffer from health issues caused by mold, like allergic reactions. Certain species of mold can cause adverse mental effects, like headaches, memory loss and dizziness. If these toxic symptoms and allergic reactions continue to increase, then there is a form of mold within your home which must be removed immediately.

The Mold Guy is a company that specializes in mold inspection, and strives to provide great service to its clients. With a full team of trained and qualified mold inspectors, you can be sure that you will be treated with honesty and dignity throughout the entire procedure. Along with this, The Mold Guy has access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that the mold is removed quickly, safely, and efficiently from the home, and will help ensure that the house remains safe and dry so that the mold does not grow within the home again.

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