The Guide to Body Shaping with Very Large Breast Forms, Corsets and Hip Padding

When you need an hourglass figure, the three main areas which you should consider are the bust, waist and the hips. If you desire for a shape, that is proportional from one area to the other, still being in harmony with the rest of your body, you can achieve so. Now, of course, you may not want to alter the existing shape of your body through silicone breast reforms, or hip paddings, but if you do, given below are few guidelines which may help.

The Bust

For your bust, if you have a developed musculature in your breast region, then you might use cleavage enhancers or medical tapes. Though, there is an alternative way of using breast forms made out of silicon or foam. As it is really important to maintain the body balance, it is imperative that crossdressers check for cup size according to their body. If you have a small frame and you have a band size less than 38, then you must look for a B cup. A band size of 38 and above, you may go for a C cup. If you want a bigger bust, then you must try that breast form, and see that if it goes good with the other parts of your body.


Prices for bust may range from $100 to $400, and the shape, weight and the quality vary considerably. Breast form can be purchased both in an offline retail store and can also be brought online. You can opt for silicon breast forms with realistic nipples, with soft contour. Choose a breast form that can easily create cleavage. If you are opting for a very large breast form, then you will get a matching bra with it. If you are in for a realistic finish, then you may opt for a naturally drooped breast form, which will work with any bra, and you will also get a natural finish.

The Waist

Crossdressers choice for female proportions, when it comes to pulling in the waist, is the corset. Simple affordable clinchers, will reduce your waist size for about one or two inches, making what we call as a ‘steel bones corset’. Now, corset generally comes in two forms, the underbust and the overbust. While most of the lingerie manufacturers and the retailers sell corsets, not all are meant authentic, waist reducing. Therefore, when you are shopping for corsets, shop with this point in your mind.


The high-quality corsets obviously have a huge price tag attached to it. But, if you are content with simple clinching corsets, then the price range should be within $50 to $300. Corsets can also be modified and detachable garters and other features might be added to it, to make it more attractive.

The Hips

If you are looking forward to attain a hip, which looks attractive from outside, then you may go for a padded panty. These panties give you a smooth look to your hips. Look for panties that will look natural with your body.


Basically, price of padded panties ranges between $20 and $100. Look for comfortable silicone or foam padding, that will function exactly like you want it to. The panty you buy should fully support the hips.

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