Choosing a Concealed Carry Holster Shirt

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Whether you are in a profession that requires the use of a handgun or you live in an open-carry state and want the security of having your weapon on you at all times, it is essential to invest in the appropriate clothing for concealing your gun. Many of the concealment apparel options offer more function than style.

Local gun and uniform shops within your community will typically offer a small selection of the best concealed carry shirt, tank top, jacket, vest and bottom options for women. The availability of sizes, styles and colors may be limited, since these types of shops offer a wide variety of assorted items and do not exclusively carry apparel. However, shopping at a retail establishment will afford you the opportunity to try on some new items, determine how they fit and feel, get any questions answered, and see how your weapon incorporates with the each of the available selections.

Another option for purchasing stylish concealment clothing is to buy pieces online from specialized companies with an established, trusted reputation for manufacturing quality goods. A trusted retailer specializing in concealment clothing will offer a plethora of tank tops, short-sleeved tops, handbags, shorts, vests, leggings and coats in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to choose from. With a greater assortment to choose from, you can pick up some front, side and rear-carry options, and you can try them on in your own home to see which pieces fit and feel the best and offer you the most comfortable carry options.

A company like UnderTech Undercover,, is an example of an established online retailer with an extensive line of fashionable and functional concealment apparel for women. Their vest options have stylish quilting details, and their tops have feminine scoop necklines for showcasing scarves and other favorite accessory and jewelry pieces. These established online retailers will also offer a plethora of stylish totes, satchels and crossbody bags for the handbag lover. A top-notch concealment bag will come with a lock and key or a combination lock and additional enhanced safety features for maximum security.

You do not have to sacrifice safety for style with concealment apparel. If fashion is as important to you as your right to bear arms, there are some companies that manufacture stylish apparel and accessories that will both help you feel safe and accentuate your modern wardrobe.

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