Tips For Preparing For An Interview In 2017

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Everyone will tell you to exude confidence in an interview, and fashion magazines will give contradictory advice about what to wear. Red and orange are too bold. Navy blue and black are too boring. This generic advice fails to account for some things that the top finance headhunters really value. In 2017, finance recruiters expect you to do more than just adhere to the basic standards of professionalism. Here are some things you can do to prepare for a job interview in the finance sector:
Research the Company
Knowing as much as possible about the job for which you have applied is timeless job seeking advice. In 2017, it is easier than ever to do research about your prospective employer. Ask thoughtful questions based on what you have read about the company and the position. It will make you seem interested in the job, proactive, and well informed.
Update Your Social Media Profiles
The person interviewing you will likely also be doing research on you. He or she will view your social media profiles in order to ask you informed questions about your professional background. You should update your social media profiles as soon as your interview is scheduled. Doing so will make you appear involved and detail-oriented. Even more importantly, it will avoid inconsistencies. Add all your recent accomplishments to your social media profiles. This way, what is on your social media profiles will match what is on your resume.
Make Sure You Know How to Get to the Interview
Do not just blindly follow your GPS. It is not enough just to program the address in the day before the interview and take the GPS at its word about how long the ride will take. Do a practice run to become aware of different parts of the route.
Technology can be your friend for job interviews, but only if you use it wisely.

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