Online Business Verticals

The internet is a zany, valuable, scary, and powerful thing in today’s world. A lot of bad things can go on online, but much good also comes from it. One of the most important uses of the internet has been the explosion and vast range that it offers to businesses. At no other point in human history has the ability to communicate, buy, and sell to people around the globe been so readily available.

There seem to be a few main groups of businesses that benefit the most from this internet age. Obviously, every business that sells electronically uses these facets to some degree, but the value of being online is most evident in these three collections.

Reaching a New Audience

In previous generations, a business’ target market was only as wide as those who could physically visit the location. That is no longer an issue. With online shopping, drone shipping, and everything else, anyone with an internet connection is now in the target market. This opens the door for specified products to reach those they would never have before.

One clear example of this is regional specialities. Items that are only created and sold from one specific part of the world used to only be available to that same part. No more. Now, custom decorative porcelain from Limoges, France is available online for anyone to browse and purchase. Austrian Swarovski crystal jewelry is on the market. Specialty chocolate, baked goods, and other food items fall into this category as well. As does custom clothing. Everything is now in reach for an audience that never used to have this luxury.

Personalize From Anywhere

Beyond locating stores and products previously unavailable, consumers also have a greater deal of personalization options thanks to internet business. Online retailers can supply endless options to any shopper who visits their internet page to window shop electronically.

Instead of being at the mercy of what is in stock in a store basement or warehouse, online businesses have no need for store fronts, let alone on-location storage. They can access and offer anything under the sun. This goes for cosmetics for individuals or future proprietors. Items can be personally chosen for desired requirements and specifications. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are the same way these days. Those looking to lose weight no longer have to choose from a diet book already published; they can create their own plan with their own personalized advice and herbal supplements.


The final group of online business is probably the most directly related to the internet itself. These are businesses that exist only because of the internet. They serve a useful purpose, but that purpose is only available to users through the internet.

One such example of this is a website like Yelp or Angie’s List. These collect and distribute reviews for the sole purpose of informing potential future users. There is no product exchanging hands. The product is the information through opinions and first-hand experience of a third-party good or service.

Another option in this phylum of online business is a conglomeration site. These cull data from around the web to deliver information to users. That info can be which messaging app is used the most, what social media products are trending in the right direction, or what startups should be on your radar. There is no physical store for these types of entities. They exist because of the internet.

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