5 Reasons to Hire Ticket Clinic Over Other Competitors


You’ve just been pulled over again. Money is tight, but if you don’t pay, the DMV can take away your driver’s license. A suspended license in California for unpaid tickets is a serious problem. What are you going to do about it?

Ticket Clinic Can Help

An attorney might be able to help, but you should hire someone with the resources and experience to handle your case successfully. Ticket Clinic has the solutions you need.

  1. Traffic Law Specialists – Focused on cases involving citations, suspended licenses, and DUIs
  2. Experienced – Ticket Clinic handled over three million cases since 1987
  3. Real Attorneys – A team of legal professionals work together to protect you
  4. Low Stress – Ticket Clinic’s attorneys appear in court for you and argue on your behalf
  5. Results – Ticket Clinic resolves 80% of cases in favor of clients

Traffic Clinic cases are often more than just settling simple citations and infractions. They help restore driving privileges and represent clients in DUI trials.

Do You Really Need to Fight Your Ticket?

Yes, you do. Traffic law is big business for city and local governments. Fines are a source of revenue for tight budgets. Regardless of what law enforcement departments publicly claim, they are under constant pressure to cite motorists. Now stoplight cameras automate much of this revenue stream.

If you just pay the fine without appearing in court, your admission of guilt counts as a conviction. This decision damages your driving record and can increase your insurance rates. Prosecutors tend to seek fine disproportionately higher for those who have prior convictions.

A traffic attorney’s goal is to lower fines and reduce or eliminate additional penalties. With the increase of stoplight cameras, good red light camera ticket defense is something you are going to need sooner or later.

Find Ticket Clinic Close to You

Ticket Clinic began opening offices in California in 2006. Now with several branches to choose from, hire the best traffic law experts in the state to fight for you.

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