Employ the help of a talent agent when booking a celebrity guest

The not-so-secret secret to booking entertainment for any event is tailoring it as best you can to the audience. Whether it’s a young crowd who might like a new artist or Youtuber to entertain them, or an older crowd who want a bit of a nostalgia trip, getting the entertainment right can set the tone for the whole night.

Whatever the aim of your event – be it a charity fundraiser or a corporate bonding activity – the right celebrity guest will help you to achieve it more successfully. It can, however, be a tough art to master for someone who isn’t usually in the line of event-planning, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of celebrities and acts available to book.

One of the best ways to get an expert on board is to go straight to the people who deal with celebrity bookings every day of the week – a talent agent. The staff at a talent agency will not only have a good idea of their clients’ availability and preferences, but they’re great at helping to whittle down a large talent roster to a few suitable names.

Because they know their client list inside out, they might be able to suggest someone you would never otherwise have considered. Sometimes the biggest names aren’t the best public speakers and a less renowned sports person might have a more inspiring journey to talk about.

A great talent agent will be able to find you the perfect celebrity guest for any event, no matter how obscure the interests of your audience – so give them a ring today and save yourself some time.

Entertainment agencies

Talent agencies and entertainment agencies have staff specialising in helping you choose the perfect celebrity guest, brand ambassador or after dinner speaker. It’s in their interests to help you choose someone who’s a great fit – because they know you’ll come back time and time again if they nail it.

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