How to Motivate Students for Studying Mathematics

Like any other subject, mathematics should be taught in a slightly different way so that student does not lose interest in mathematics. First of all, we should stop spreading the message to our students that it is a very tough subject. Mistakes are not failure they are just a hurdle to jump.Students who are less interested in mathematics should spend time with people who are enthusiastic about mathematics and who love to share their enthusiasm. The students will not get motivated right way, but if they come away with memories of some pleasant and fun experiences, then perhaps they will spend more time in learning mathematics.

Make them understand the value of learning mathematics, by showing them the real life examples like Television, Refrigerator, Facebook, Amazon, are all made by engineers, this kind of real life examples motivates a student to learn mathematics seriously. Students should be introduced to different modes of learning like e-learning: as children’s love technologies so make them learn by what they love the most, introduce mathematical games to them. Kids love to watch cartoons, show them animated mathematical videos. Topics like Pythagoras theorem, geometry, algebra are easy to understand by watching videos instead of studying them in black blackboards. In school teachers should use models, manipulatives and discuss patterns, teachers should also use drawing to teach mathematics, schools should conduct workshops on mathematics. Students should be encouraged to take part in mathematical Olympiads, where they will meet different students from different regions participating in the contest.

The best way to learn mathematics is by learning mathematics by the use of graphs, for example, statistics are more attractive when the values are represented graphically. To make mathematics more interesting from an early stage of the kids, guardians should play mathematical games with their children like puzzles, board games.

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