Effective Tips to Prepare For CBSE Class 12 Exam

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CBSE class 12 exam is considered to be one of the most important exams of a student’s life. The class 12 exam marks are not only considered for admissions in the different colleges but they also reflect one’s academic skills and knowledge.

So, it is important for the students to prepare for the class 12 exams efficiently to be able to attempt the exam more effectively and score well in it. Here, some of the effective tips are given that can help the students to prepare for the exam more efficiently.

  • Be Acquainted With the Syllabus & Pattern

It is crucial for the students to be completely acquainted with the syllabus topics and the exam blueprint to be able to strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. It is also crucial to complete all chapter and not skip any topic from the syllabus.

  • Be Equipped with Proper Study Materials

For CBSE class 12 exam, students should have additional study materials and notes along with the NCERT textbooks. The additional variations of questions can help to develop problem-solving abilities and students can easily tackle any question in the exam. Also, having NCERT solutions like class 12 chemistry NCERT solutions, class 12 maths NCERT solutions, etc. is very crucial to have a deeper understanding of the concept.

  • Solve Previous Year Papers

For the class 12 students, it is very important to solve past year papers of the respective subjects. By doing so, students get acquainted with the type and variations of questions asked in the exam which can help to devise exam-taking strategies.

  • Revise

In class 12, the concepts of the respective subjects are vast and complicated. The chapters also include different confusing terms, laws, and formulas which should be memorized thoroughly. So, students should revise the concepts periodically to be able to retain all the concepts for longer. Students are suggested to go through the maths, physics, chemistry or biology class 12 NCERT solutions to know the best approach to the respective questions in the NCERT textbook.

These were a few tips that can help the students to prepare more effectively for the CBSE class 12 exam and score well in it. It is always important to stay motivated and dedicated while preparing to get the desired score in the class 12 exam.

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